Up to the Challenge?

Well, the A to Z Blogging Challenge is drawing to an end.  It’s been fun, enlightening and a little bit harder than I thought it would be, but I’ve done it.

My mind, however, is already wandering to the next challenge I’ve signed up for, May You Write Your Novel.  Starting on May 1st and running until July 19th, the idea is to write 80k words in 80 days.  Easy, huh?  It works out as 1000 words per day, significantly less than NaNo’s suggested daily word count, but it lasts for almost three times as long.  It’s less a sprint, more a marathon. 

The timing isn’t great.  I have yet to complete my rewrite of my current WIP.  I had hoped it would be done by now, but Chicken pox, unseasonably sunny weather and writers block have put paid to that.  Still, I’m a good 75% done with them and there’s almost a week left.  Ever the optimist, me.

I still have no idea what I’m writing yet.  I have plenty of ideas – don’t I always? – but as ever I’m indecisive.

I have an idea for a series of short interwoven stories.  It’s an idea I’ve been playing around with for years,   and I’m really passionate about it.  I’ve started writing it countless times, only to be sidetracked by other projects.  There is a folder on my laptop filled with half written chapters and character outlines.  Maybe it’s time I bit the bullet and got on with writing it.

I also have a few other new ideas, but they all need fleshing out a little.  One is  horror story based on the real life history of Eyam in Derbyshire, another is a children’s story and another is based on a modern version of a fairytale.  These are all very basic ideas and need fleshing out a little. 

There is also another idea which is niggling at me.  A more autobiographical one, based on my time backpacking Europe and living in London.  I have meticulous diaries from that time and I’m keen to preserve the memories, though technically it’s not a novel.

So, which one do I choose?

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