Story time

One of the things I am proudest of, is my three year-old’s love of books.  The other day,  we were in Asda and I told him to pick a treat, he walked past the toy cars to a little display of books.  I was a very happy mummy.

We sit and read daily, and I think it’s something very important.  He tends to favour the same two or three books and he is starting to learn the story, remembering what is coming next.  At bedtime we are starting to sit down and read longer books over a few nights.

We also like to make up stories, featuring a little boy called Jamie, who after crawling through a hole in his grandma’s garden fence has all kinds of adventures.  The toddler is starting to add bits to the story and invent new scenarios and characters, which for me as a writer, is a really magical feeling.

I’m not saying I don’t use television and DVDs.  I’ll put on CBeebies or his favourite Wiggles DVD while I clean the toilet or prepare dinner, but there is something very special about a book.

I, myself, would often rather turn off the television and curl up with a favourite book and I’m hoping that as the toddler grows up, he will be the same.


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