I’ll admit I was a little dubious about Kindles and other e-readers.  I love books, not only reading, but the feel of them, the smell, the touch.  I love to see books lined up on shelves.  Forget swimming pools and tennis courts, if ever I win the Lottery, I want a house with a library.

I have been converted, though.  I’m not lucky enough to own an actual Kindle, but I do have the free app on my Android phone and I must say I am impressed.  I have downloaded and read dozens – no, nearer hundreds – of books since the end of last year. 

It makes reading more accessible.  With a toddler, my handbag is too full of spare pants, plastic dinosaurs and half-eaten cereal bars to carry a book around with me.  Having books on my phone, just means that when I’m stuck on a bus or getting bored at soft play, I can read.

I’ve read books I probably wouldn’t have read before.  I wanted to widen my reading material and the Kindle app has made this possible.  Download a book, if I don’t like it, I remove it and download another.  There are loads of free books to choose from, but even the ones to buy aren’t as expensive.  Plus, many books offer you a free sample, so you can try before you buy. 

I can buy books from the comfort of my bed.  Book shops and the toddler aren’t the best mix.  He gets bored or just wants to spend time in the children’s section, so buying books for me can be difficult.  With the Kindle, he can be jumping all over me, or engrossed in Zingzillas or some such, while I browse in comfort.

The only problem is books are too easy to buy.  I have spent more on books since downloading the app, than before.  It’s easier to click a button than make your way into town. 

You can download Kindle for your phone by going to the Market/App store or you can get it free for your PC.


4 thoughts on “Kindle

  1. I have a kindle, and I adore it. For all the same reasons as you: portability, price, practicality. I used the iPhone app before I got my actual kindle and it was great; especially for night time feeds! Then when I did get one I loved how it would sync to wherever I had got to on the phone or vice versa.

    I love books, and there are some instances where only a print book will do – as a gift, or those posh coffee table books. But the important thing is the words and I love anything that makes reading them easier.

  2. Yes I agree with Rebecca its the content that matters. But I don’t mind buying a hard copy since they have almost the price as the soft copy.

    I don’t have a kindle. I can’t kind any seller in our place 😦

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