J is for juggling.  Not like a circus clown, like a woman.

It’s a cliché that women are master multi-taskers, and like many clichés there is more than a sprinkle of truth in it.  Women hold down jobs, raise children, maintain the home.  In the 21st Century, women are more self-sufficient than ever.  I’m not saying women are better than men, I don’t want to go there.  I’m talking about the pressure us women put on ourselves.

Personally, I know I ask too much of myself on a daily basis.  One look at my to-do list says as much.  As well as being a single parent to an energetic three year-old, I look after the house and try to juggle several writing projects as well as trying to make time for friends and family.  No wonder I’m exhausted.

We need to give ourselves a break.  What does it matter if the kitchen floor is a bit sticky if you’re running yourself down?  Does it really matter if our word count is slightly off if it means keeping our sanity?  I know, it’s easier said than done, but sometimes something has got to give.   

We need to remember, that we are not perfect, nor should we try to be.  We need to stop trying to be Superwoman, because we are okay just the way we are!

(Now, excuse me while I go and edit my novel while simultaneously playing football and mopping the floors.  A-hem, I mean read my book and drink coffee.)

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