My Favourite Children’s Books.

Day three of the A-Z Blogging challenge and C is for Children’s books.

As I child I always had my nose stuck in a book. I read anything I could lay my hands on, my dad used to joke that I’d read the Cornflake box if there was nothing else.

In this mountain of books, there were some that stuck out. Books I re-read, even as an adult, and which lingered long after I reached the end.

The Naughtiest Girl in School – Enid Blyton.

I loved Elizabeth Allen. I so wanted to go to an all girls boarding school like Whyteleafe, wear prim little uniforms and play lacrosse. Just thinking about these books make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I read all of these books countless times.

 Anything by Roald Dahl

One Christmas, I was bought a box set containing the works of Roald Dahl which I managed to devour before school started again. I can’t pick a favourite, I tried and I can’t. Special mentions however, go to the Witches and James and the Giant Peach.  I can’t wait until my son is old enough to appreciate these books.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Another series of books. CYOA were a firm favourite for a while in my early teens. I borrowed every one, at least once, from the mobile library that visited my school. There are hours of fun to be had as you choose your own path through the many different adventures.

I’ve recently been working on an online version for adults, which was great fun and reminded me just how much I loved these books.

 The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis

I think the test of a good children’s book is whether adults can enjoy them as easily, and this is certainly true of the Narnia books.  I love them all, just don’t mention the films, ok.  I hate them.  End of story.

A Little Princess  by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This books (just) wins out over A Secret Garden for me.  It tells of the privileged Sara Crewe, who is left a pauper when her father dies in India.    I read and re-read this book countless times and the imaginative, book-loving Sara was one of my favourite characters as I grew up.

Mr Majeika books by Humphrey Carpenter

I recently had to forcefully stop myself buying a box set of these books.  They tell of Mr Majeika, a teacher who is also a wizard who uses spells to control his class.  They were both hilarious and charming.

There are so many more great books for kids, all of which I can’t wait to introduce to my son as he gets older.  What are your favourite books from childhood?




4 thoughts on “My Favourite Children’s Books.

  1. Oooh, used to love the CYOA Books too and think my parents made similar comments about reading cereal boxes. I have been known to sit and read shampoo bottles etc if I didn’t have a book on me.

    I like Chronicles of Narnia, Matilda is one of my favourite RD books and I was a Malory Towers girl. Also remember Sweet Valley High and the Point Horror books. Recently re-read The Changeover by Margaret Mahy and the book that must have started my vampire obsession, The Secret Vampire by L.J.Smith. Can’t wait for the 10th in that series.

    • Ooh, I forgot about Matilda when I was writing this. I’ll just have to stick with all Roald Dahl.
      And Point Horror! I still have a stash of those somewhere.
      Never read Sweet Valley High, but I did read the Babysitter Club books.
      I feel a part 2 post coming on!

  2. choose your own adventure books! I remember those. I, too, enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia books. I also loved Island of the Blue Dolphins and Encylopedia Brown books!

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