‘Peggy Larkin’s War’ by Trevor Forest

Although this book is aimed at the 8-12 years age group, it is easily one of the most enjoyable books I have had the pleasure of reading in a while.  The style reminds me a little of Enid Blyton, one of my favourite childhood authors. Coupled with the stunning cover, it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, making me want to curl up in my pyjamas with a mug of warm milk.

‘Peggy Larkins War’ tells the story of Peggy Larkin, a young girl evacuated from London to the British countryside during Word War Two.  As she endures being separated from her parents and living with the super-strict Mrs Henderson, she befriends fellow evacuee Alfie.  Together they embark on an adventure as they try to uncover they mystery of the forbidden room and discover the identity of the stranger lurking in the woods.

Trevor captures the characters and the era perfectly.  The characters come to life on the page and it is all too easy to get lost in Peggy’s world.  It manages to be both entertaining and educational, which is no mean feat.  Plus, there is so much scope for further Peggy Larkin stories.

‘Peggy Larkin’s War’ is currently available on Kindle.  Don’t have a Kindle?  Download the free Kindle for PC app (or if you have an Android phone you can download a free app from the Android Market,  as I did.  Just search for Kindle.)


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