#fridayflash: Warning

 “Just do it.” Sasha tapped her fingers on the table, glaring at Hollie.

Taking a deep breath, Hollie swallowed her misgivings and placed her hand on the planchette. There was no truth in what they said; it was just an urban myth; this was nothing more than a game. 

“Is anybody there who would like to talk to us?” Sasha spoke slowly, clearly loving the spotlight.

Nothing happened.

Hollie felt the muscles in her shoulders relax. See, just a myth.

With no warning, the pointer moved, resting above YES.

Hollie’s eyes widened, her heart thumping in her chest as Sasha snorted a laugh.


“Give over.” Hannah nudged her friend. “Silly cow.”

“Your faces!” Sasha took a swig from the bottle of cheap cider, struggling to regain composure.

Clearing her throat, Hannah took the lead, “Is there anyone there?”


A long moment passed before the pointer shot across the board.

“Sasha!” Hannah nudged her friend with force in the ribs.

“It wasn’t me.” Sasha’s pushed her back.

The pointer moved across the board once more.

B – E – W – A – R – E

“Sash, this isn’t funny.” Hollie chewed her lip as she shot her friend a stern look.

“It’s not me.” Sasha had turned deathly pale. All of a sudden, this was no longer funny.

“Beware? Of what?” Sasha’s voice quivered.

They stared at the board with a heady mix of fear and exited anticipation.

Nothing happened.

“Beware of what?” Sasha repeated.

Still nothing.

The girls looked to each other, their eyes pleading with the others for an answers, when the planchette moved.  They spoke out the letters, the space between them seeming to last forever.


A long pause.


They stared at the board in silence. Get out.

The pointer moved again, with more determined movements.


“What?” Sasha’s voice was barely a whisper.

“Do you think – ?”

The marker retraced its steps. G-E-T O-U-T N-O-W

Sasha nodded, gripping onto her friend’s hands, as if they might somehow protect her.

Grabbing their jackets, they rushed from the near-derelict building, their heartbeats echoing in their ears, any effects from the alcohol gone.   Once they were a safe distance from the old house, Sasha pulled a packet of cigarettes from her jacket pocket, offering them around. As she lit hers, behind them, the house burst into flames.

Mouths agape, the girls stood and watched the building burn.

Whoever – whatever –  it was that had been talking to them, it had just saved their lives.


4 thoughts on “#fridayflash: Warning

  1. laradunning says:

    My girlfriends and I used ouija boards alot as teens. Never had an experience like that, now that my blood is pumping, I am thankful for it.

  2. Very cool story! A creepy ghost that is actually very helpful. And I love stories about Ouija boards. There is so much potential just in their ideas, and you did a wonderful job with yours!

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