Happy New Year!

Yes, I’m a day late. If you had been at my house yesterday, though, you would forgive me.  New Years Day tea party, anyone? 

Anyway, as they say, it’s better late than never.  So, here it is Happy 2011! 

As a rule, I never usually make resolutions at New Year.  I can’t keep them.  I never even really try.  However, this year I have made a few ‘life rules’.

1.  I will give 100% to my writing.  2010 was a good year for me writing-wise.  I decalred on January 1st, that I would concentrate on my writing, only to have life get in the way until the Summer.  I did, however, have two short stories included in anthologies, complete NaNoWriMo and get the first three quarters of the first draft of my first novel written.  Not a bad effort.  I also wrote a LOT of flash fiction, some of which I’m going to find homes for in 2011.  I did consider setting myself a target of submitting X amount of stories per week or month, but that’s too much like a traditional resolution, so I’ll settle for submitting regularly.  I am also going to finish my first draft, and of course I plan to partake in NaNo again in 2011. 

2.  I will stop trying to be perfect.  This was added late yesterday, as I tried to entertain a two year old, finish off a trifle and make a buffet tea fit for the Queen, whilst vacuuming the stairs.  Sometimes, something has got to give. Often my sanity.  My house doesn’t have to be spotlessly tidy, I don’t have to have everything just so.  Not all the time anyway.  So long as I do my best, things will be fine.  If I say this to myself often enough, I might bvelieve it.  Maybe.

3.  I will enjoy life.  Easy, no?  Not really.  (See above)  Reflecting on last year, I realised it was a good one.  I only remembered the good things.  Lewis’ first wee on the toilet, a weekend in Butlins, days out, getting my first story published.  All good.  I could not remember one of the many little things that send me into a frenzy on a regular basis.  That one night, when Lewis wouldn’t settle until 9pm – forgotten.  The day I burnt the chicken – not important.  The days my kitchen floor was sticky and not sparkly – pah.  I’ve decided to fill my personal diary with happy moments, however small, because life isn’t that bad, really.

4.  This is a bit of a non-rule.  This is a little like adding ‘breathe’ as number five, but I am going to read.  I’m armed with a list of books to read, and I’m going to expand my reading list.  I started broadening my literary horizons in 2010, but I’m taking it up a level.  I’m going to read books, I wouldn’t usually pick up.  I’m also going to re-read every book by the Bronte sisters, ahead of my birthday trip to Haworth in February! 

What are your resolutions/’life rules’ for 2011?


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