I’ve been Shambelurkled!

My copies of ‘Shambelurkling and Other Stories’ finally arrived today.  Excuse me while I squeal a little more.  I’m surprised I have any followers on Twitter left following my hourly updates on my lack of Shambelurkling.  My Twitter stream and Facebook news feed were full of people bleating on about how their copies have arrived, and I say staring from my window forlornly, waiting for the Postie and singing my own version of The Carpenters ‘Mr Postman.’  You get the picture. 

People will be glad to know that these boring tweets will now end.  In their place is this blog post of shameful showing off.  I’m sorry.   

Look how pretty and shiny it is...

Thats me, that is.

Okay, I’m done now.  As you were.


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