NaNoWriMo: Week One

The night before NaNo   I spent the night before NaNo scribbling furiously in an attempt to get the main plot from my head and onto paper.  I had written a few bits and pieces down, but there was no rhyme or logic to any of it.  (For, example:  stuffed into my notebook was a Tesco receipt where I had scrawled on the back:  Pineapple.  Frankie (my MC) .  Panic. – Huh?)

By just after midnight, I had turned the side of my wardrobe into this.

Post-it note overload!

Day one  I was child free for most of Monday and I had, high, unrealistic hopes.  With my biggest distraction out of the way and my enthusiasm in full-on mode, I thought I would do great.  I managed 2279 words.  The hardest part for me was starting.  I had my opening line in my head, but actually typing it was nigh on impossible!

Day two   Day two was more of a struggle.  I had forgotten the downside to having no toddler yesterday, is that he would inevitably come back an over-tired, grumpy mess today.  In the end we both sat up to the kitchen table; him with his Cbeebies magazine, crayons and copious snacks and me with my laptop, notes and coffee.  I managed 1798 words.

My writer's haven...

Day three:  The BF was off work today, so knowing he wouldn’t be easily appeased with crayons and chocolate, I set my alarm for 6am, to get my writing started before starting the day.  The toddler woke up at 6.05am, meaning I squeezed out half of my words whilst having Cheerios flicked at me across the table.  I still managed to keep on target though, finishing my quota late that night.

Day four:  Again, I ended up not writing until after the toddler was in bed.  I made this (slightly) easier by doing so in bed whilst eating chocolate! 

Day five:  The day real life got in the way.  After a busy day of grocery shopping, play dates and doctor’s appointments, i settled down to write once the toddler was tucked up in bed, forgetting it was Bonfire Night.  Finally getting him settled at past 11pm, I fuelled myself up with coffee and set down to write.  My delightful (and I use that word, dripping in sarcasm)  decided then was a great time to set of hundreds of LOUD fireworks, therefore waking the toddler and me and putting a stop to any crazy notion I had of writing.

Day six:  With the toddler away for six hours, I managed to write over 3k words making up for the failure of day five.  The story was flowing better and when not checking the word count every five seconds, I managed to get into it.  It only took six days! 

NaNoWriMo will make you fat. Fact.

Day seven:  Another decent day writing, though less than a quarter of the way through I’m already exhausted!  It isn’t a good sign.

Lessons learned:

  • Stop stressing about word count and it is easier to get words down.
  • There is such a thing as too much coffee. (Eight cups in under three hours, in case you were wondering)
  • Getting in front is a great idea, because there will be days when no words are written, despite vowing that you won’t miss a day unless you’re dead.
  • I am a MASTER procrastinator!

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Week One

  1. Wow, you did well – more than three caffeinated drinks in a few hours and I start to hyperventilate.

    Well done, it aint easy with a small person around! That was me last year, but he still napped every afternoon! Now, I just pray that the tiny one stays alseep whilst he’s in preschool, heehee.

  2. Hi there — I’m a NaNo participant, too. Looks like you have things fairly under control. I’m lagging a little, but am thinking optimically for the week ahead.

    P.S. Master procrastinator here, too. Searching for NaNo posts, instead of actually writing…ugh!

    Best of luck!

  3. Sam – I would KILL for the toddler to nap occasionally! Doing it with two small children must be unbelievably hard! 8 cups of coffee left to me too hyper to even think about writing.

    Amanda – I had to read your comment five times to spot any mistakes, so it’s fine. I am off to edit my post though. NaNo has fried my brain!

    Happy NaNoing and Good luck!

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