Hey, do you remember?

I love books.  I mean, I really love books.  I always have done.  I’m lucky that my two year old, seems to share my passion for books.  There was a phase about a year or so ago where it was touch and go, and he would rather eat a book than read it, but now, he loves story time.  We sit for ages, reading and looking at books together, a really great bonding time for us both.   As well as his toddler books, I’m building him a collection of bigger boy books and shopping online for such books got me thinking about my own childhood favourites:

The Naughtiest Girl series – Enid Blyton

I know, these were written in the 1940s and 50s, but I loved them so much.  The  series follows Elizabeth Allen on her adventures (and misadventures) at Whyteleafe boarding school.  Although at first she is determined to behave so badly she will be expelled, she soon discovers that as an only child, she was rather lonely and begins to settle in.  The first three books were penned by Enid Blyton, with later stories written by Anne Digby.   NB:  I have absolutely NOT ordered a box set for myself.  I really haven’t.

Choose Your Own Adventure books

There is only one word for these:  amazing.  Being an imaginative type, I used to love these books.  Each story puts you, the reader, into the role of the protagonist, giving you several choices. (eg ignore the noise and turn to page 4; inestigate turn to page 17) with each choice you make impacting on the ending. 

Milly Molly Mandy series – Joyce Lankester Brisley

This series, penned from 1928, follows Millicent Margaret Amanda and her every day adventures.  She runs errands, goes to school and goes on fishing and picnicing trips in the small village where she lives with her parentes, her grandparents and aunt and an uncle. 

Babysitters Club – Ann M Martin

This series follows a group of thirteen year old girls from Connecticut, who set up a business called The Babysitters Club, which pretty much does what it says on the tin.  Each book follows a different adventure as the girls run into trouble at every turn.  I wanted to set up my own Babysitter’s Club, so badly after reading these books.

Everything written by Judy Blume

A list of books loved by anyone who has been a teenage girl, wouldn’t be complete without Judy Blume.  I haven’t got a particular favourite, they are all great in their own way, each one dealing with some important issues from body image to sexuality to questioning the existence of God.   Titles which stick out to me include Tiger Eyes, Are you there God, it’s me Margaret and Forever.

Emma – Jane Austen

Okay, so this isn’t typically a children’s or teens book, but I read it for the first time when I was eleven.  I’ll be honest with you, and admit that  the only reason was that my name is Emma, but I soon loved it.  In the past seventeen years I must have re-read Emma at least once for every year and it was a great introduction for me to classical literature.


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