I have done it.  I have signed up for NaNoWriMo.  If you’re wondering what I’m on about that’s National Novel Writing Month.  It does what it says on the tin: you write a novel in a month.  Starting on November 1st, you have until the 30th to complete 50 000 words.  Simple.  I wish.

The past few years I have contemplated doing NaNo around this time of year, but come November I chicken out.  Not this year.  My life has undergone a lot of changes over the past year or so, and I’ve done some quite dramatic and brave things, so NaNo should be easy.  In theory.

I seem to be getting into a nice routine with my writing, submitting a #FridayFlash each week as well as writing short stories for various competitions and anthology submissions and working on my soon to be unveiled #TuesdaySerial; this in itself should help me to stick to the daily wordcount needed in order to finish.  It still seems a little daunting, but then anything worth doing is going to be difficult. Joely Black a.k.a @TheCharmQuark suggested breaking it down into four daily segments of 500 words.  This makes for 2000 words per day, above the average wordcount needed to complete it, which would mean I’d always be a little bit ahead.  500 words doesn’t seem a lot.  I can do that.  It won’t be easy, but i can do that.

With two months to go I have a plot (though it needs some honing) and my characters and I can barely wait to begin!  Bring on November 1st!


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