So little time; so many ways to procrastinate

Like proabably every person on the planet I spend a good proportion of my timedoing nothing much. I start every day with the best of intentions. Often my mornings run like clockwork; but then come early afternoon it all starts to go wrong. I’ll make myself a coffee and think ‘Oh, I’ll just check Twitter/watch cartoons with The Toddler/phone so-and-so..’ and before you know it it’s time to be cooking The Toddler’s tea and I’ve barely done anything. Once I’ve finally got him in bed around 7pm, I then have to rush around doing everything I *should* have been doing all afternoon, be it ironing, cleaning out the fridge or writing.   I’ve been thinking though, maybe my procrastinating ways aren’t that bad?
 TWITTER:  Okay, I spend a LOT of time on Twitter.  I log on twenty several times a day to catch up or post links/random musings.  BUT I love catching up with fellow aspiring writers and since using Twitter I have written more thanks to being inspired by others.  If someone posts that they have written 2k words that day – well, I want to write 2k words too. 
 READING:  Reading is good.  Simple as that.  I want to write books therefore I have to read books.  Life without reading would be barely a life in my opinion.  There is no way I’m giving it up.
 TV:  I have no working aerial at the moment so this isn’t as bad as it could be.  I do, however, spend a lot of time watching Disney films with The Toddler and many nights are spent cosying up with a DVD and my BF.  It’s all about quality time and relaxing. 
 PLAYING:  Yep, I spend HOURS each day playing with toy cars and colouring pictures (with The Toddler of course).  Definately not a waste of time, he’s never going to be two again is he?  Next year he’ll be starting nursery, then it will be school.  Then I can do boring grown-up things all day long.  Mopping the floor at 10pm and staying up writing ’til 3am is a small price to pay for quality time with my little man.
 So, in conclusion:  I will continue procrastinating.  I’m not ashamed of the time I spend doing any of these things.  Like most things, it’s all about moderation.  So long as I’m enjoying what I do, and everything is getting done there’s no harm being done.

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